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Mission, Vision, and Core Values


The Ontario Reign will passionately provide the best family-friendly experience for fans, partners, staff, and our community. The Reign specializes in developing excellent players and personnel to be a winning organization on and off the ice. Through dedication, communication, perseverance, and teamwork, our growing family will learn what it takes to be Kings.


The Ontario Reign will lead professional sports in sustained organizational excellence.

Core Values


It’s vital that our interactions with players, fans, corporate partners, co-workers, and members of the community reflect a steadfast adherence to the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards possible. This begins with honesty and respect toward everyone, and through diligence in maintaining these qualities, trust will grow and strengthen between all parties.


How we interact and treat our fellow teammates and partners within our professional environment is crucial to our own well-being and the organization's health. Beginning with communication that is founded upon trust, teamwork, and loyalty to each other, we will collectively achieve our goals. As a family, we also remain committed to helping those in our community that are less fortunate or stricken with challenges that threaten their daily well-being. Additionally, we will work to make positive contributions to the youth of our community and to help strengthen the sustainability of our environment.


We are driven to maintain a leadership culture in all facets of our operations/organization. We will look to inspire our community with compassion, loyalty, and pride while pushing each other through hard work, innovation, and collaboration.


We are at the forefront of developing top-level talent both on the ice and throughout our organization. We will demonstrate our passion for improvement in our commitment to training, teaching, and mentoring.